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First Aid and CPR
A catastrophe doesn’t have to happen to use skills learned in a basic first aid or CPR class. Training is valuable in many situations and age-appropriate classes are often available. Many cities, non-profit organizations such as the Red Cross, and local fire departments offer basic first aid or CPR courses. Additionally, some employers also offer access to training. To find opportunities for a Red Cross training near you, visit their webpage for a full list.


Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
CERT is a nationally recognized program offered in many communities throughout the country. CERT graduates provide an important resource to the community following large scale emergencies.

Through CERT, participants learn skills in the following subjects:

  • Emergency preparedness and hazard identification
  • Fire safety and suppression
  • Disaster medical operations including life-saving first aid
  • Light search and rescue
  • Team organization
  • Disaster psychology

To learn more about CERT, check out CitizenCorps.