Let’s Be Frank

It’s not a matter of “if”, but “when” you’ll face a disaster. Will you be ready to “Make it Through”?

Let’s be frank… In a large disaster, the things you rely on everyday will be significantly disrupted:

  • Roads and bridges will be damaged and unsafe to use. All transportation (including cars, buses, and trains) will stop. People won’t be able to get anywhere easily.
  • Stores (if opened) will quickly run out of supplies and may only accept cash payments.
  • Utilities (including electricity, water, and sewer systems) will be damaged and unavailable for weeks. Without power, gas stations can’t pump gasoline and ATM machines can’t dispense cash.
  • Phones (both home and cell), cable TV, and Internet connections won’t work. Even texting may be blocked. Batteries used for cell phone, radio, and flashlights will quickly die.
  • Hospitals will be overwhelmed with injured people.
  • Police, fire, and other emergency personnel will be busy with the most urgent life/safety needs and likely unavailable to help you.

So the questions you need to ask yourself are, “How will my family and I survive? Are my current plan, emergency kit, and community connections sufficient for being on my own for more than just a few days? Am I ready for both minor and major impacts to supplies and services I need on a regular basis? Do my loved ones know what to do if we are separated during a crisis?”

Prepare now to make it through. You’ll be glad you did. Use this detailed checklist to help you prepare.

Office and Personal Kit
Important Documents and Records